Farm & Location

We currently only offer the breed varieties listed on our website. At this time we have no plans to expand upon what is currently offered. If we ever do decide to add another breed, they will also be listed on the website.

We have 2 farms we operate our same line of birds from. We do this for security of our breeders and farms both ran by the Wickersham & Ybarra Families.

The AZ Farm is located in Whittman (Phoenix area, West Valley side), focused on all breeds AzChickens raise. The AZ farm is growing many of our flocks at this farm.

The TX Farm is located south of Tyler, Texas. The TX farm has the parent flocks of most our breeds and has several projects in development with breeds located here. Space to raise them in a regenerative agriculture system and on pasture.

While we appreciate the enthusiasm and eagerness to bring home your new livestock, we do not offer farm tours. This is our home and our farm. We are currently monitored by the Department Of Agriculture for infectious diseases. This means that our flocks are tested bi-annually to prevent the spread of diseases that may decimate a farm (NPIP/AI). In order for us to remain testing negative, we practice very strict biosecurity protocols to protect not only our farm, but your flocks and chicks as well. We do offer farm pickup at our property edge/farm booth. Please see the local pickup for guidelines. All of our breeds are available on our website.

While we pride ourselves on our prompt and friendly customer service, we are a VERY small family ran farm with only 3 adults and 5 kiddos, maintaining the property. If we do not pick up immediately, odds are that we are out tending our animals or wrangling the kids (not sure which is harder some days). We will return your inquiries the moment we are available. In the meantime we do recommend browsing our Frequently Asked Questions as it may answer a question you have more quickly. Texts and emails are typically easier for us to return as we can squeeze them in between our day-to-day operations.

In an effort to enhance our biosecurity of our livestock, we have our PO Box listed as our public address. If you’re attempting an impromptu visit to our farm, you will most likely find yourself at our Post Office Box. We kindly ask that you respect the staff there and do not harass them as they have no involvement in our business. They are a Post Office. Should you have mail-related inquiries, you’ll find them more than helpful!!

Unfortunately we do not sell eggs for consumption. All of our eggs are fertilized and intended for hatching purposes but are still consumable. If you'd like to purchase an order of hatching eggs for consumption... we don't judge!

Absolutely! Please submit a text or email with your First and Last Name, as well as your Order Confirmation and we can annotate your order to reflect your preferred delivery date (this also applies to Local Pick-Up Orders). If you have any concerns (ex: the weather) please let us know so that we may address them!

Though we are one of the only chicken farms in AZ, if not the largest. We are a poultry breeder first, providing for our family and farms needs.
We are husband, wife & friend teams who breed unique chickens, not a hatchery. We just hatch a LOT so we know the genetics we have and in turn share those with you. If you don't hatch you don't know the offspring. This is also why we have select breeds on our farm.


All of our other breeds and crosses are sold straight run, and customers have a 50/50 chance of recieving males or females. If you are looking for a certain number of female chicks, we'd suggest adding a few extras to your order. We do offer older birds and guarantee sex of the juvenile or point of lay adults. The list of those breeds is found here ... We will work out a custom order if that is something you are interested in. Please contact us.

Any extra male chicks at the end of hatch or grow outs for breeders are not slaughtered like most commercial hatcheries and instead given away to families in our community who raise them for meat.

Chicks are sent the day of hatch and packed with Grogel and heat packs to ensure they stay hydrated and warm during their trip. Chicks are sent the option you choose for shipping. We highly recommend Express USPS as it typically takes 1-2 days to arrive.

Did you know?... They don't crow till about 12 weeks at the absolute earliest, most later than that.

Couple options for roosters...

1. Use him for food for the family, maybe you have a hunter in the family that could help. Often there are families that will buy or take the rooster for meat for their family.

2. Once hes older than four months old, Pratt's Pets (Glendale location) will purchase them from you for $10 per. If they're younger than four months, the Stock Shop will accept them if they have space.

3. You could also post them in the Arizona Backyard Chicken group on Facebook to rehome him. Just have to be VERY careful with your wording. Rehome, sale and wording like that is not allowed by FB.

4. Another app called MeWe you can rehome/sell there in the Arizona Backyard Chicken group but not nearly as many people in the group.

To join the group on MeWe:

Definitely options out there. Hope this gives you some ideas. 👍😁🍻

Due to our locations of both farms we are generally able to provide chicks and hatching eggs year around. Our hens do get 2-3 months off per year for a break to molt, rotate and just be a chicken. This is the time of year we will see lower egg counts and our availability a lot less.

From February to June we suggest a shipping minimum of 10 chicks to ensure that chicks stay warm enough during transit. During the peak Summer months, July-September, we drop the recommended minimum to 6 chicks. In the Fall the suggested minimum goes back up to 10.

Our available chicks and eggs are always updated on our website. You can find the next available chicks here

No, we do not vcaccinate our flock. We constantly monitor this with our poultry vet to ensure our birds are healthy and robust. We are tested yearly for disease as NPIP participants and customers can be confident that they are recieving healthy, happy chicks from our farms.

We ship orders on a first come, first serve basis with our method of Monthly Restocks. Though we keep very good records and tabs on our birds, we are at Mother Natures mercy. When you get your tracking information via email your order should be shipping that Monday/Tuesday. If you need specifics please ask!

Juveniles, Adults and Laying Hens

We do not have laying hens available today. We do offer juveniles, adults and guarantee the sex of them. We can build a custom order of the breed you are interested in and we generally will have them ready in about 6 months. Some of it depends on what age you want them when you take them home and how old we need them to see their sex.

We do offer our hens on a once a year sale to our email subscribers and to our previous customers. If you are interested, I would encourage you to join our flocks newsletter. We email very minimally.

The hen sale are offered for local pickup only and will either be hens that are 2 plus years old that are aging out of our breeding programs or extras from our grow outs that may not make the cut for one reason or the other.

Hatching Eggs FAQ

We ship Monday through Wednesday and on Saturday. Eggs are sent Priority Express through USPS and typically take 1-3 days to arrive. We pack our eggs in insulated foam shippers and additional boxing support on both ends of the box, to help minimize the damage that can happen during transit. View our TikTok page to see how we ship hatching eggs!

Hatching Eggs ship year round, as long as it is not too cold or too hot in the intended destination. The bulk of our sales begin in January and continue through October. If a later order is desired, we can usually work something out with you. We also aim to ship from the closest farm to lessen the transit time and jossle.

Local Pickup Guidelines

Chicks hatch generally on Sundays. This allows us to send day-old chicks via mail on Mondays. There are no meetup times available on Mondays.

Local pickup orders are typically scheduled to meetup Tuesday - Saturday from our farm pickup. This also allows the chicks to fluff out and get a chance to get their feet under themselves before being picked up.

Questions: text or message us: CONTACT US


Local Pickup:

Pick-up will be arranged once your order has been placed at the designated local location. ALL orders that have chosen 'Local Pickup' are considered 'sale is final' for any and all of the purchase. There is no guarantee provided for local pickup orders for any age or amount purchased. 


For your safety and ours, DO NOT show up to the farm. Attempted On Farm pickup will be denied services per Our Policies & Purchase Agreement