Local Pickup Guidelines

Chicks hatch generally on Sundays. This allows us to send day-old chicks via mail on Mondays. There are no meetup times available on Mondays.

Local pickup orders are typically scheduled to meetup Tuesday - Saturday at our meetup location (below). This also allows the chicks to fluff out and get a chance to get their feet under themselves before being picked up.

Questions: text or message us: CONTACT US

We will send you a notification by Tuesday to arrange a time to meetup at our local feed store. Note: The feed store DOES NOT HAVE CHICKS TO PICKUP


Meetup Location:  

Out West General Store

17121 W Glendale Ave,

Waddell, AZ 85355



If you cannot meet there then please add priority shipping if you are within Arizona. Typically shipments will be available to pickup at your local post office the following morning after shipment. Chicks ship very well especially at such short distances with Arizona. 


For your safety and our DO NOT show up to the farm. Attempted On Farm pickup will be denied services per Our Policies & Purchase Agreement