North Star Bresse Collaboration

Our Farms:

AZ Chickens and North Star Farms have collaborated to bring you American Bresse chickens. North Star Farms is highly touted, talented, popular, and in high demand for their White American Bresse chicks. By popular choice and recommendation in the American Bresse Chicken group and American Bresse Breeders Club, North Star Farm’s name brings quality and demand for their birds. 

By collaborating, our farms are able to provide birds to our customers quicker, and from a farm closer to you. This reduces the transit time for the birds, reducing losses, while providing cohesiveness across the farms and offering more options to a wider demographic and market. Our farms and new collaborative projects look to bring restaurant quality meat, eggs, recipes, education, and resources for our customers by breeding the best Bresse found in the USA. Our farms are in works on additional Bresse projects that will be announced, as we provide unwavering dedication, support, and service... to God, our families, and our customers. 

A bit about the birds:

North Star Farms and AZ Chickens are committed to consistently breeding forward the White American Bresse as a dual purpose, heritage breed with a focus on restaurant quality meat without sacrificing egg production.  Our focus is to provide restaurants with a sustainable meat source, with free range and broody tendencies intact for the homesteading community.  It is our hope that our collaborative efforts will both better the breed and foster the effort toward a written standard which fully realizes the potential of the breed in America.

For those intrigued by a more colorful flock, AZ Chickens breeds the Black and the Blue American Bresse, which provide a dual purpose, heritage poultry similar to the White American Bresse.  The Black and Blue American Bresse maintain the same restaurant quality meat and egg production on a slightly smaller frame. All colors of American Bresse thrive in a homestead setting.


Both North Star Farms and AZ Chickens utilize Fertrell based feed recipes specifically designed for optimal performance, growth rates, and overall productivity of the American Bresse chicken.