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Creme Crested Legbar Hatching Eggs

Creme Crested Legbar Hatching Eggs

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  • Higher Vitamins with Our Hens = Better Hatches

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Cream legbars are medium – sized birds that are excellent foragers. The roosters have a very docile tempermant but are extremely protective of their flock. Legbar hens do not go broody very often and produce a large number of blue tinted eggs. On average legbar hens will lay 260 eggs per year per hen. If you are looking to add some color to your egg basket then look no further! Legbars have been an excellent addition to our farm. With their beautiful colored eggs legbars are an excellent addition to any back yard flock. We are currently carrying the Jill Reese bloodline in these birds!


What's Blue and round all over??? Well a Creme Crested Legbar egg of course! Picking up the sky blue egg from your nesting box, has you flying to the same blue sky above you. But imagine adding it to your fantastic rainbow egg collection. The Creme Crested Legbar line of Jill Rees, adds those fancy blue colors to your egg basket! Check that one off the list! 

Sold OUT for 2023

  • 260 eggs per year
  • Sky Blue eggs
  • 6 - 7 lbs grown
  • Creme Crested Legbar Hatching Eggs
  • All eggs are shipped in a foam shipper
  • Great fertility rates on farm


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FAQs - Hatching Eggs

Shipping something delicate like hatching eggs always comes with a possibility of internal damage, but when it comes to summer heat, there's an extra layer of concern. Based on our experience, we've noticed that eggs shipped during July and August tend to have more frequent issues with viability. We want to be candid upfront with you about these risks and explain what we do to minimize them as much as possible, so you know exactly what you're getting into. Before making a purchase, please take a moment to consider whether you're willing to accept these risks.

Let's draw a comparison to help you understand better. Imagine buying chocolate bars in the summer when there's a risk of them melting. If you really want those chocolate bars (or hatching eggs in our case), we're always here for you. However, if you'd rather wait, we're more than happy to reschedule.

Now, let's talk about our specific situation. We're located in Arizona and Texas, where temperatures regularly exceed touch 100 or even 110°F during the summer. We collect eggs regularly to ensure we only send out fresh ones. When it comes to shipping, we make sure to send our packages during the coolest part of the day. To further ensure the quality of our eggs, we incubate and hatch the same eggs that we sell. This allows us to confirm fertilization rates and viability throughout the year. It also demonstrates that the summer heat doesn't affect our birds or their eggs in any way.

Now, let's address the increased risk during the shipping process. While all USPS sorting facilities are climate controlled, their trucks are not. If you live near your region's sorting and distribution centers, you may not notice much difference in the summer. However, if you live in a rural region and your eggs need to travel for several hours on a truck, you're likely to see lower viability rates, which may appear as unfertilized eggs.

Hatching Eggs ship year round, as long as it is not too cold or too hot in the intended destination. The bulk of our sales begin in January and continue through October. If a scheduled shipping date for your order is desired, we can usually work something out with you. We also aim to ship from the closest farm to lessen the transit time and jostle.

Eggs are sent Priority or Express through USPS and typically take 1-3 days to arrive. We pack our eggs in insulated foam shippers and additional boxing support on both ends of the box, to help minimize the damage that can happen during transit. View our TikTok page to see how we ship hatching eggs!

We gladly offer local pick up for your order. We have strict biosecurity measures for both our flocks safety. Once your order has been placed and notified your order is ready to come home, we pre-arrange a pick up time and date with you to come to our pick up drive-thru. Very simple, we have your order boxed and ready to travel home for you. You will not need to bring any boxes, cartons or crates. Local pick up orders are considered sale is final.

To be clear: WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE HATCH RATE OF THE EGGS YOU WILL RECEIVE! Your results will be anywhere from 0%-100%. We hatch every single week the same eggs you receive. If you would like to know what our current on farm hatch rates are, please ask! We're happy to share that information with you.

What we can control:
-Setting only for breeds that we ourselves are currently hatching successfully.
-Closely monitoring environmental conditions that would cause reduced fertility.
-Keeping an appropriate rooster to hen ratio based on activity level of individual breeds.
-Including fresh, pre-candled for cracked and unbroken eggs.
-Clearly marking egg boxes for the postal service to avoid possible rough handling, extreme temperatures and x-ray machines.

What we cannot control:
-Shipping conditions (i.e. rough handling, exposure to extreme temperatures, delays, x-ray machines)
-Conditions under which you incubate your eggs (including equipment failure and negligence).
-Abrupt and unpredicted changes in mating and egg laying.
-Knowing if a particular egg was actually fertilized at the time of lay without cracking it open, rendering the egg useless (unless you’re hungry for an omelet).

We're happy to accommodate for that. All canceled orders placed on hatching eggs will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% of the total purchase. This is only applicable to unfulfilled orders. Financial compensation will not be provided to hatching egg orders that have been fulfilled, in transit or delivered. 

~~~NOTE: There is a lot of behind the scenes labor that goes into every single order and even more so when one is canceled. This is a fee for that labor. This cancellation/change fee applies as soon as you complete your purchase, so please be confident with your order before you place it. If you have questions, ask! ~~~

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