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From Chicks to Fully Feathered Adults

We're here to support your flock at every step. We offer top-quality birds, equipment, cages, coops and organic supplements. Whether new to chickens or an experienced chicken keeper, AZ Chickens is by your side supporting your journey! Let's Talk!

We have family owned and operated farms in Arizona and Texas, with the same parent stock & breeds at both farms. We're dedicated to breeding chickens for self-sufficiency, feeding families with eggs or meat. Stay updated with our latest projects, including exciting work with American Bresse, by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Got questions? Don't hesitate to reach out via call, text, email, or chat. We're always here to help and value your support immensely.

We can't wait to assist your family on this journey. Stay blessed!

NPIP Certified Farm #AZ57 & #TX4601.

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Eggs for breakfast & food for the family!


We breed for heat hardy birds.


You have questions? We're family operated and treat you like family!

Local Community

We're honored to serve homesteaders, poultry enthusiasts, farmers and educators with farms near Phoenix, Arizona & Tyler, Texas.

We offer farm pick up or shipping for your order ... Have peace of mind with Live Chick Guarantee*!

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