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White Bresse Chickens, or Bresse Chickens, are in high demand because, like beef, they can have marbled meat. Think 'Wagyu' of chicken. This chicken really tastes like no other — imagine the juiciest grilled chicken breast ever.

Our Commitment: With our White Bresse Chickens, or American White Bresse, our goal is to average 7-8 pound roosters and 5.5 pound hens to meet the proposed American Bresse Standards. This balances their size and keeps a full basket of eggs as well. We strive to retain the white feathers (no leakage), white ear lobes, red full combs, and blue steel legs they are known for. We are one of the very few farms lucky to be a home for White Bresse Chickens that aims to produce consistent size with every chick. Consistency in their size means food you can count on for your family. We aim for a consistent and reliable growth rate with our stock, which gives you a foundation for a self-sustaining flockThis means buying quality birds one or two times from us, so you have a solid foundation, consistent size, and food from your flock to count on.


White Bresse grow outs are pre-ordered. After you order we begin to grow out and sort the best groups for breeding. If you would like to arrange or ask about a specific timeframe contact us to find out an estimated time when your birds will come home.


Options & Ages Available: 

White Bresse Chicken Starter - 2-8 weeks old - St. Run Only

Quintet Breeding group - 4-6 weeks old (3 hens, 1 Roo, + 1 addtl roo)

White Bresse Chicken Juvenile - 8-12 weeks old - Sexed

White Bresse Chicken Adult - 12 - 16 weeks old - Sexed

White Bresse Breeder or breeding pairs will be 20+ weeks old


Contact us if you want a different option than what is showing currently available. We're glad to provide a timeframe and work with you. 


 We also offer White American Bresse chicks and hatching eggs.


Bresse chickens are not a fast-growing breed, but they are well worth the wait. Males reaching a mature weight of 6-7 pounds in about 16 weeks, and hens will average 4-5 pounds.

Find out how we are different, why we offer breeders and our raising process here


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Customer Reviews

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Chris Bowman (AZ)
American White bresse

These birds are beautiful. Juvenile with no black, yellow or any splash whatsoever. Very docile and sweet.

Roberta (AZ)
American Bresse

Purchased two pair of Bresse juveniles from AzChickens. The process was easy and I am very satisfied. Youngsters are settled in, happy, and growing. Colwyn is always available to share his knowledge of the breed.