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White Bresse Chickens - Juveniles & Adults

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White Bresse Chickens or Bresse Chickens are in high demand because, like beef, they can have marbled meat. Think 'Wagyu' of chicken. This chicken really tastes like no other — imagine the juiciest grilled chicken breast ever. 

All these ages will ship the 2nd or 3rd week (Monday or Tuesday pending weather) of the selected month. You will receive an email about a week prior to let you know they are shipping/ready for pickup.


Ages Available: 

Starter - 2-8 weeks old - St. Run Only

Juvenile - 8-12 weeks old - Sexed

Adult - 12 - 16 weeks old - Sexed

American Bresse Breeders and breeding pairs will be 20+ weeks old.

They are chosen, farmers choice,  based on the proposed American Bresse Standard of Perfection.


 We also offer chicks and hatching eggs for this breed.


  • 250 eggs per year
  • Creme colored eggs
  • Straight run, day old chicks
  • 5-7lbs grown

White Bresse Chickens are considered the worlds most delicious chicken. Bresse hens will lay 250 creme colored eggs per year. Bresse chickens are also heat and cold tolerant which makes them an ideal bird for the best meat chicken. Bresse have white feathers, red combs and blue steel legs which represent the colors of their French origins. We selectively choose only our larger birds to breed so you have more to share. Bresse roosters are typically 7 pounds and Bresse hens weigh in at 5.5 pounds. 

Bresse chickens are not a fast-growing breed, but they are well worth the wait. Males reaching a mature weight of 6-7 pounds in about 16 weeks, and hens will average 4-5 pounds.

Find out how we are different, why we offer breeders and raising process here


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