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White Bresse Chicks

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White Bresse Chickens are considered the best tasting chicken, the 'Queen of Chickens, fit for a King's table'. Bresse chickens have white feathers, red combs and blue steel legs which represent the colors of their French origins. Bresse chickens are heat and cold tolerant, which make them ideal for any place you call home. Bresse roosters are typically 7 pounds and bresse hens weigh in at 5.5 pounds. American Bresse or Bresse hens will lay 250 creme colored eggs per year.

Our Commitment: With our White Bresse chicks or American White Bresse chicks, we aim to produce similar size and standards to that of the White Bresse. Our goal is to average a 7-8 pound roosters and 5.5 pound hens which balances their size and keeps a full basket of eggs as well. We strive to retain the white feathers (no leakage), white ear lobes, red full combs and blue steel legs they are known for. We are one of very few farms lucky to be a home for White Bresse Chickens that aims to produce consistent size with every chick. Consistency in their size means food you can count on for your family. We aim for consistent and reliable growth rate with our stock, that gives you a foundation for a self-sustaining flock. This means buying quality birds one or two times from us, so you have a solid foundation, consistent size and food from your flock to count on.



  • 250 eggs per year
  • Creme colored eggs
  • Straight run, day old chicks
  • 5-7lbs grown
  • 19.9 per chick

    Best chicken for a self-sufficient homestead (And delicious) ... Try it for yourself! Bresse are in high demand because, like beef, they can have marbled meat. This chicken really tastes like no other — imagine the juiciest grilled chicken breast ever. 

    We also offer White Bresse Chicken hatching eggs and juveniles, adults and breeding pairs.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Carolyn Rice (AZ)

    Communication great. Lost two chickens out of 10.

    Joseph Isenbart (CO)
    Bresse Chicks

    I am very pleased with my order. It arrived on time and all the chicks were healthy and are doing great!

    Barbi (NM)
    Love my chicks!!

    I couldn’t wait to get started with my Bresse chicks!! So looking forward to my adventure with this breed! Colwyn is awesome to work with, very helpful! Thank you all!

    Jeff (WI)

    I will definitely be ordering again.

    Kathy Cole (OH)
    Great farm family experience!

    Happy chicks reached Ohio bouncy and healthy.
    Great chicks, packed nicely. Will order again.