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An egg-cellent layer for the family. Hens, chicks & more...

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Coturnix Quail

Quail eggs are perfect for your urban homestead

Laying Hens

Need grown hens? We can help!


Eggs for breakfast & food for the family!


We breed for heat hardy birds.


You have questions? We're family operated and treat you like family!

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We're honored to serve homesteaders, poultry enthusiasts, farmers and educators with farms near Phoenix, Arizona & Tyler, Texas.

We offer farm pick up or shipping for your order ... Have peace of mind with Live Chick Guarantee*!

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We're Supporting Every Stage of Your Flock's Growth

AZ Chickens has joined forces to bring you the best birds, innovative equipment, supplies and organic supplements on the market, all in one place. Whether new to chickens or an experienced chicken keeper, AZ Chickens is by your side supporting your journey!

Healthy Flock

Save your birds, simply add Southland Organics supplements daily to your flocks water... like a daily vitamin supplement for poultry

Organic Supplements

Hot weather causes loss of vitamins. This essential trio bundle is like a chicken multivitamin supplement. Replenishing their health!

Hot Weather Aid

#1: Protects the flock against heat stress of extreme weather #2: Decreases flock mortality ~~Rate: 1 tsp per gallon

Immune Booster

#1:Boosts your flocks' health, aiding their digestion system ~~Rate: 1 TBSP per gallon

North Star Bresse

Blessed to collaborate with North Star Bresse to bring you the BEST American Bresse
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Rollout Nest Box
Rolls eggs safely away from hens & easy collection, even for kids
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