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We Love Our Little Brown Girls!

Our experience with AZ Chickens was super. This company is a class act from start to finish! We are enjoying our Coturnix quails so much -- we can't wait until they are old enough to give us eggs. Thank you, thank you for making this possible for us!

Barred Plymouth Rock Hens
Michael Dugan (AZ)
My new girls

The ordering process was quick and easy. I really liked the fact that there was no minimum number of birds I had to purchase since I have a small flock and I only wanted a few more.
The communication between Colwlyn and I was great. He even adjusted the pickup date for me since I was out of town when my girls were ready.
I was able to pick up my girls and bring them home with multiple appointments available.
My girls are settling nicely into their new home and I will recommend AZ Chickens to everyone! Thank you so much!

Blue Bresse Chicks (unsexed)

Beautiful, fluffy, happy birds! THANK YOU

Super great!

These guys are fantastic! I have been getting chicks and pullers for a couple yrs from them and it has always been an awesome experience! They always give me a tip that I didn’t know and it helps our flock every time . I’m appreciative of their caring and kindness. Pick up is a cinch!

Rhode Island Red Hens
Gail Govoni (AZ)

Rhode Island Red Hens

White Bresse Chickens - Juveniles & Adults

Laying Hen or Pullets - Available NOW
Christine Revolinski (CA)

Amazing service, communication and WOW!! The chickens are amazingly prolific from day ONE!!
Thanks so much!!

Blue Bresse Chicks (unsexed)
Barbara Zappia (MD)
Not Happy

I received my chicks in very bad condition, there were 4 dead chicks when I opened the box and 2 others almost dead, so I basically lost 1/2 of my order. I received chicks of other breeds from different places around the same time and they were not in the bad shape these Bresse chicks were in. Notified AZ Chickens right away, have still not heard back if they will do anything about the dead chicks.

American Bresse Flock

Absolutely the best customer service I’ve ever experienced when it comes to buying livestock.. I bought 6 adult laying hens and 1 Rooster. They arrived very happy and healthy and have made themselves right at home. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have even after the purchase is complete. They offer the best supplements for probiotics and and over all health of the birds all natural of course. Couldn’t be any happier and I highly recommend them. Colwyn and Vince made this whole process very smooth and went above and beyond to make sure the birds were healthy on arrival. Thank you soooo much 🙏🏻

Absolutely beautiful birds!

Thank you so very much!

Rhode Island Red Hens
Michael Glidden (AZ)
Big Red

Big Red is great! Kids love them!

Black Australorp Hens
Beautiful Hens

The hens are beautiful!

First time buyer

I'll definitely buy more birds


Fantastic experience purchasing 5 golden laced polish chicks!!! Very knowledgeable in answering my many questions! I highly recommend Az chickens and will be purchasing my next batch of babies from them!!! Thanks again Az chickens!!!!!

Love the Australorp chicks, shipping was rough

Good customer service from AZchickens! The chicks are wonderful. We shipped the first batch and out of 10, only 6 chicks survived... We picked up the second batch of 4. All of them are doing great and the long trip out to the location was worth it for us to ensure better care in their transport. We think that out of the 10 we have received 2 or 3 are roosters and the rest hens. Australorps are the best for us in the high desert.

Amazing service from a real life poultry family : )

Thank you so much for your continued amazing service. Happy to continue being a loyal customer!

Hen "adult" purchase

I ordered 2 hen Adult coturnix quail, and although they were packaged with care, they are younger than what I ordered, they are not adults, still juvenile on top of being a month late to deliver. This happened the last time I ordered as well, when I had previously ordered juvenile age I received fragile chicks...

Easter Egger Hens
Jason Jones (WA)
New chicken and advice.

Holy moly, these people are amazing! First great communication across the board to the point where I had concerns I’d be out of town when the chicken would be arriving. They worked with me on shipping. Not only did my Easter Egger arrive health and happy, she had a buddy. I even called and said I only ordered one but was told we like to ship them with a buddy. Mind blown that these people care that much. Not only did they basically tell me I got a two for one, but had a 15 minute conversation with me about chicken questions I had that didn’t even pertain to the chicken I purchased. I can’t write enough good things about AZ Chickens!

Black Australorp Hens
Kathryn Huckfeldt (AZ)
Thanks Az Chickens!

We got 2 Black Australorps and 1 Easter Egger from Az Chickens. The whole process was straightforward and easy. Our hens are happy and healthy and we would definitely buy chickens from Az Chickens again! They answered any questions we had and are very responsive.

White Bresse Chicks (unsexed)
Mary Ann Abercrombie (TX)
The best all round customer service!

Whether you are just ordering Bresse or need advice on them, these guys are the absolute best! Due to heat issues last summer they were willing to wait to fill my order in the spring of 2024 rather than rush to fulfill it last year! They definitely will get repeat business from me.

White Bresse Chicks (unsexed)
Heather Hamblin (AZ)
Wish I could give a negative star review

I have never received chicks that have been this poorly when they arrived from any other hatchery. On arrival four were dead, one was so decomposed in the box that I didn't even see it at first. There was no food in the box for them and due to the feather growth on their wings they do not appear to be freshly hatched chicks, more like a week old. Everyone knows you have to ship chicks right after they hatch as they have about three days of nourishment from the yolk to live on. When I removed the chick still alive from the box, they were very unwell and just stood huddled together wobbling on their feet. Within 3 hrs three more chicks had laid down and died. I had ordered 10 chicks, and AZ Chickens shipped 13. I have never had a hatchery ship so many extra chicks, its like they knew that many would not survive their shipping practices. I only had six chicks survive of the 13 shipped. I texted the number provided on the website to let them know what happened and included pictures of the shipping conditions, its been 6 days and still no one has responded.


We are deeply sorry to hear about your negative experience with our White Bresse Chicks. We take the health and well-being of our chicks very seriously and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. It is unfortunate that some of the chicks did not survive the shipping process. We do our best to ensure that all chicks are shipped in optimal condition, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can and do occur.

We would like to assure you that we do not intentionally ship extra chicks in anticipation of potential losses. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best quality chicks and this week had an abundance to bless and share.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will address and review our shipping methods. Our customer service team has contacted you regarding remedies to the situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns or questions. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Awesome product and great service!

Thank you so much ! Awesome job!

Barred P. Rocks

Quite entertaining. Love them

Barred Plymouth Rock Hens
Kristy York (AZ)
Love my pullets!!!

Great experience

Marans and Plymouths in Sedona

I had high hopes ordering chicks from a local AZ breeder. Was really looking forward to the 16 Maran/Plymouths that would be joining our flock. I made sure to pick them up as soon as I heard from the post office that they had come in. Unfortunately, 2 out of the 16, did not survive the commute which I had accounted for when I ordered. The further misfortune is that since their arrival, there have been more that have not made it. Slowly over the course of the two weeks, I lost now half of those babies with only 8 remaining. Not sure what has been occurring. None of them are showing signs of illness or disease. This is not my first time raising chickens, so I am confident in my process of raising healthy birds. Just heartbreaking to wake up in the morning to find another one of my little friends didn't make it...

Thought you guys should know.