Texas Farm


Arizona Farm

Our Story - Where Az Chickens started

We now will have the ability to help our chicken community year around with two farms.

The farm ran by the Wickersham Family (pictured above) is now located near Tyler, Texas (East Texas). We have moved the farm to Texas because it will allow some current projects and future projects to grow with American Bresse (More info to come later) and regenerative agriculture with access to water and agriculture resources. Bresse are one of our main breeds of the farm. We will be raising to the true French methods, free ranging with more bugs, space, grass and water. Having the 2nd farm in Texas allows us to use the unique seasons of Arizona and Texas in order to supply chicks, eggs, and grown birds year round from both farms.

We have taken an amazing family and upcoming farm under our wing. The Ybarra family (pictured below), operated by Vince or (@flock_daddy) will be operating the Arizona farm and pickup. We have duplicated all of AZ Chickens birds, bloodlines, breeds so there is no difference in our birds no matter which location your chicks come from. Same generations both places. As of Fall 2023, we have collaborated and joined forces with several organizations to bring more options to the Arizona and Texas areas.

 What began as a home school experiment has turned into a small family ran business. We now help other families with self-sufficiency in eggs and some choose to use them for meat as well. We wanted both. The world has changed and we found a need for ourselves but it has shown to be a need for our friends, neighbors, acquaintances and fellow chicken lovers like YOU especially in the Arizona community. We started by helping a few families at a time and now we're able to help many families and regularly with meat or eggs or both. 

We started out for eggs and meat for our family and now have grown different breeds of flocks for eggs, meat or just beautiful colored eggs/birds. We breed several of those poultry flocks for preservation, to better the breed and we look at it as a partnership with nature and YOU. As we grow better birds true to their standard we are able to provide quality in our breeders offspring to you. This starts your flock off many generations into better breeders or just high quality chicks chosen for their traits like heat tolerance, egg color, meat size and the traits true to their breed standard. We also are tested for diseases regularly to ensure healthy flocks, part of that is providing Non-GMO feed made by a poultry nutritionist, providing yogurt, raw milk, honey, vitamins, minerals and more that boost chicken systems and their probiotic for gut health. This separates us from the chicks you might find at a local feed store. I can tell you this history of our flocks, the good and bad genetics or traits within our flocks. What we are working to improve in our flocks to help you better improve the offspring you get. We have grown in our flocks and will continue to raise birds to help more families of Arizona and Texas as we join forces, working together and getting better.