Our Story

This is our trials of raising meat for our family. What was an experiment has turned into a small family ran business. We now help other families with self-sufficiency in eggs and some choose to use them for meat as well. We wanted both. The world has changed and we found a need for ourselves but it has shown to be a need for our friends, neighbors, acquaintances and fellow chicken lovers like YOU. We started by helping just a few and now we're able to help many families. 


We started out for eggs and meat for our family and now have grown many flocks for eggs, meat or just beautiful colored eggs/birds. We now breed several of those flocks for preservation, to better the breed and we look at it as a partnership with nature and YOU. As we grow better birds true to their standard we are able to provide quality in our breeders offspring to you. This starts your flock off many generations into better breeders or just high quality chicks chosen for their traits like heat tolerance, colorings and the traits true to their breed and breed standard. This separates us from the chicks you might find at a local feed store. I can tell you this history of our flocks, the good and bad genetics or traits within our flocks. What we are working to improve in our flocks to help you better improve the offspring you get. We have grown in our flocks and will continue to raise more birds to help the families of Arizona and those surrounding Arizona as we partner together to get better together.