Last Updated on 11/10/2021

We offer some of the most unique Bresse, Ayam Ketawa and QUALITY black copper marans found anywhere. We only ship healthy, well cared for day old chicks and quality hatching eggs. If you are wanting starter hens or roosters, please call or text 602-699-4204.  We will be glad to take care of all your needs.


This article contains a comprehensive breakdown of our Purchase Agreement. Please read this article in its entirety as it pertains to ALL orders placed through AZChickens. We hope that by providing this to our customers we will resolve any uncertainty you may have by answering some important questions for you. 


By placing an order through AZChickens you acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions laid out in our Purchase Agreement. No exceptions will be given



Our farm is a relatively small operation, hosting roughly 200 breeding  age chickens in totality. Our ability to collect eggs is heavily dependent on our hens. We cannot encourage a hen to lay more than she is biologically capable of- nor would we consider the practice humane. Due to the unpredictable nature of, well, nature we can only make educated guesses as to when we will be able to fulfill orders. To reiterate: we are not physically capable of providing exact fulfillment dates, only estimates. We do not fulfill international orders at this time


AZChickens cannot claim responsibility over a package that is not within our possession. This means that once a package has been delivered to USPS, we have forfeited any responsibility over its handling. While we go to great lengths to package and label accordingly, all packages are subject to mishandling, extreme fluctuations in temperature and altitude, etc. AZChickens offers various forms of compensation for undesirable outcomes, which can be found under the appropriate subheading. 


Shipping must be added to any order that is NOT local pickup at our co-op location. The price of shipping is calculated for orders of up to 50 chicks. 

Pick-up will be arranged once your order has been placed at a co-op location (found under Local Pickup Location, this is NOT on our farm).


Live Bird  Purchases: 

AZChickens provides a 'Live Bird Arrival Guarantee'. This means that we will offer compensation, in the form of either a replacement or store credit, should your poultry arrive deceased. This is contingent on AZChickens receiving validated proof in accordance with our guidelines below. Due to the limited quantity of Ayam Ketawa, AZChickens will not offer replacement poultry for this breed until further notice, All Sales of Ayam Ketawa chicks or eggs are all 'sales are final'.

There is a recommended 10-Chick minimum on all purchases of Day-Old Poultry. You may purchase less than 10 chicks however you WAIVE any eligibility to claim any compensation, replacements, credit or otherwise as outlined in our 48 hour live chick guarantee if you purchase less than 10 chicks. Any orders less than 10 chicks will be treated as all sales are final regardless of shipped or local pickup.

The following steps have been provided to aid anyone seeking compensation for deceased poultry. All claims must be supported with photographs, verified by a local US Postal Worker at the USPS location. 


  1. To receive you must notify us of the loss within 48 hours after you receive the birds and provide an emailed photo of the dead birds in shipping box at the USPS. This will be strictly enforced. If you do not pick up your chicks on the day they are available the 48-hour live guarantee is null and void. Our email is rooster@azchickens.com .

It's that easy! 


Any purchases that meet our Live Bird Arrival Guarantee will be provided with either store credit or replacement poultry of equivalent value and based on availability. As a one-time courtesy, poultry substitutions may be added onto the next purchase made, so long  as the desired quantities are available and the 10 chick minimum for shipping has been met. It is not guaranteed they will ship immediately. The replacements will ship when available. These orders will be shipped via Priority Mail at no additional cost to the customer. Breed restrictions apply. 


Please contact AZChickens directly for inquiries regarding adult poultry sales. All starter, juvenile or adult poultry/ducks are all ‘Sales are Final’ No Refunds/replacements, compensation or otherwise for any reason. The animal leaves our care/possession, that represents the sale is final.


Hatching Eggs:

AZChickens 24 Hour guarantees hatching eggs purchased through our website to be true to breed variety and arrive in good condition. We do not, however, provide any guarantee regarding hatch rates, fertility or results. Hatching methods are a lot like fingerprints- everyone's is different and distinctive of their own beliefs regarding animal husbandry. Due your due diligence. Eggs can be shipped year-round, but please use your own discretion when ordering during extreme weather. We do not guarantee hatchability due to conditions beyond our control during shipment, hatching equipment or methods used, fertility or any other underlying conditions.

We firmly believe in our shipping methods using 4 inch foam couch cushions with individual holes for each egg, however, issues may arise that are outside of our control. In the event that hatching eggs are damaged in transit, AZChickens will provide either a one-time prorated (per egg) refund or store credit, or replacements at AzChickens discretion not the customer. This is contingent on verified proof being submitted to our company email (rooster@azchickens.com) in accordance to our guidelines below.


  1. To receive a pro-rated credit of AzChickens discretion, you must notify us of the loss within 24 hours after you receive the eggs and provide an emailed photo of the broken eggs in shipping box at the USPS facility. This will be strictly enforced. If you do not pick up your eggs on the day they are available the 24-hour guarantee is null and void. Our email is rooster@azchickens.com .


To be clear: WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE HATCH RATE OF THE EGGS YOU WILL RECEIVE! Your results will be anywhere from 0%-100%. 

What we cannot control:
-Shipping conditions (i.e. rough handling, exposure to extreme temperatures, delays, x-ray machines)
-Conditions under which you incubate your eggs (including equipment failure and negligence).
-Abrupt and unpredicted changes in mating and egg laying.
-Knowing if a particular egg was actually fertilized at the time of lay without cracking it open, rendering the egg useless (unless you’re hungry for an omelet).

What we can control:
-Setting auctions only for breeds that we ourselves are currently hatching successfully.
-Closely monitoring environmental conditions that would cause reduced fertility.
-Keeping an appropriate rooster to hen ratio based on activity level of individual breeds.
-Including 10 fresh and unbroken eggs.
-Clearly marking egg boxes for the postal service to avoid possible rough handling, extreme temperatures and x-ray machines.

Financial compensation will not be provided for packages experiencing less than seven days of delay. Packages delivered within 


Alaska and/or Hawaii are not eligible for store credit, refund or any compensation, or replacements.  



Chick, juvenile, starter, adult or any Live bird purchases are final. This means that under no circumstances will a refund be provided once the animal(s) in question have left our property and/or care. Accepting poultry onto our property that has not been properly monitored for diseases jeopardizes our NPIP/AI certification, and would be highly irresponsible. We do not offer financial compensation for buyer's remorse. 

All cancelled orders placed on hatching eggs will be charged a retaining fee of 25% of the total purchase. This is only applicable to unfulfilled orders. Financial compensation will not be provided to hatching egg orders that have been fulfilled, in transit or delivered. 


Sales, discounts or specials:

If a coupon code was missed during checkout, no refund shall be given. It is your responsibility to apply at checkout, and clearly have a summary of the checkout before purchasing. You may also contact us if you need help ordering. No exceptions.  

Contact Info:

Our farm has only 200 breeders, we sell from what is collected and hatched here on the farm. Due to the great demand for our quality and rarity of eggs and chicks there is often a wait in most cases. We fill orders as quickly as eggs and chicks are available. Feel free to call 602-699-4204 with any questions. Email: Rooster@AzChickens.com