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Celadon Quail - Live Birds
Troy Douglass (AZ)
So great to start our little flock

We bought some eggs on Amazon from a different seller but these didn't hatch. We were disappointed but looked up local live quail chick farms and found AZChickens less than an hour away.

My wife and I placed an order and went to pick them up within the hour. Vince gave us some beautiful, healthy quail chicks and even threw in a dozen eggs. They are AMAZING! We'll be back when we're ready to add to our small flock! Thank you so very much! We'll see you next time!

Very few hatched- birth defect- unwilling to help with the problem

We ordered 12 eggs, were sent 13, and incubated 12 in our incubator and sent one off to a friend. On day 18, earlier than expected, 2 hatched. We were so excited! Later that day a third hatched. Incredible! We’d been told to leave them in the incubator for 24 hours, so we adhered to that exactly. Close to the 24 hours mark, a 4th began to hatch. We were so excited, filming every change as it happened. When the chick finally emerged, it’s intestines were leaking out from its stomach area… it did not look comfortable or content… we were worried about opening the incubator since we didn’t want to impair the humidity or temperature for the remaining 8 eggs. Within 12 hours, the chick with gastroschesis passed away, and we hadn’t seen any other signs of life from the remaining eggs. We moved the 3 healthy chicks to the brooder, continued to monitor the rest, and nothing happened for days. We are disappointed that we had less than 25% hatch for us, after doing everything exactly as explained. We paid over $75 for the 12 eggs, and we ended up with 3 chicks. Still not ever sure if they’re hens or roosters. Called AZ Chickens and were told that it is what it is, not guarantees with eggs, and we could purchase hatched chicks for $6 each. I’m annoyed that they’re charging such a high premium on sub-standard eggs, when I now know I can get fertilized eggs for much less (or free) from local people. Don’t waste your time with AZ Chickens. You can do better with networking through Facebook and making a few new friends. I’m much happier with my eggs from a local mama, and have had successful hatching over 75%!

Thank you for the feedback and we appreciate you being willing to share your experience. Hatching for the first time is certainly an education and adding the risks with shipped eggs there is a lot of factors involved. I'm glad we talked and during our hour long conversation it seemed a lot was done right from everything you described and some improvements were discussed of what could be done for future hatches as well. Including adding the GoVe (hydrogemeter) to have a 2nd device to help compare your temperature and humidity to what your incubator says.

Having early hatches as you experienced can happen with the Rainbow eggs due to some of the breeds in that flock do lay smaller eggs. Having chicks hatch on day 19, this also gives information about your hatch. Having a high temperature is called fast hatching. Meaning a higher temp they hatch sooner than the default 21 days for chickens. A side effect of fast hatching or having too high of temperature is intestinal issues, major chick deformities and can cause shrink wrapped chicks (can't get out of the eggs fast enough and they get shrinkwrapped in the egg). All things we discussed in our conversation to help for your next hatching experience and sounds like you have #2 hatch already in the incubator.

Seeing the experience of this hatch, the option of sending more eggs was not a good option or risk worth exploring after this first experience. Also sending free chicks and free shipping as what was asked for is not a business practice we offer for mediocre hatch results as it would be a complete loss. Ex: Of the $75 paid for eggs and shipping, $24 of that is just the shipping cost. Sending chicks would cost $35 to ship so this would be $60 of the $75 before any chicks were added. 25% off the same breed of chicks and pay for shipping was offered but declined. At times we have to accept responsibility of our outcome and learn from it for next time. I believe our phone call definitely will help you for future hatches. Hatching eggs is a learned skill and takes experience using your incubator, understanding how to hatch and what factors can cause the hatch to go awry. There is no book that can teach all the hatching factors just experience in doing.

We're glad that your 2nd hatch is going well and that you were able to network with local individuals for eggs you could pickup. We often support our local chicken community especially when we do not have particular breeds, we direct those customers to the local Facebook groups as it is a great option to support our fellow local chicken keepers. The difference with AzChickens is we are tested for diseases each month and twice per year with our veterinarian and the state. This means we continually check that we breed happy, healthy, disease free birds. Chickens do hide sickness very well and many diseases can only be tested for. Additionally AzChickens breeds for heat harty birds. Chickens from a hatchery being bred from a backyard enthusiast do not get pushed to extreme temperatures and often many are unfortunately lost in the summertime because of our heat. A rule we breed by: We don't breed a hen until they're a year old which means they have survived an entire summer heat, proving heat hartiness. That is the confidence and differences in partnering with AzChickens for your flock. We wish you the very best on your flock and hope you enjoy all the babies! God Bless!

Love my chicks!!

I couldn’t wait to get started with my Bresse chicks!! So looking forward to my adventure with this breed! Colwyn is awesome to work with, very helpful! Thank you all!

Don't buy eggs, buy chicks

Overall disappointed. I purchased 24 eggs (no extras were sent), only 8 developed, 6 hatched, and 2 hatched out with severe wry neck. I tried to save the 2 wry necks, but after a week of no improvement, I ended up culling them. So out of 24 eggs, I only got 4 chicks (17%). For that rate and cost, it would have been cheaper to just buy the chicks.
At the same time that I set the AZ Bresse eggs, I also set another dozen shipped eggs from a different Bresse breeder. Those eggs hatched with 83% success rate. So pretty sure it wasn't an incubation problem.

Great service and communication,

One week old and much more active, aware and growing. Every morning something new. Also, not as afraid of me as each previous morning.


I had the most wonderful experience with this company. The quail came perfectly packaged alert, and unharmed. Very healthy and are thriving. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Jenny Schlaefer’s quails

Everything fantastic!!!

Chicks are thriving!

Chicks arrived quickly and in good health. All are thriving!

American White bresse

These birds are beautiful. Juvenile with no black, yellow or any splash whatsoever. Very docile and sweet.

Cute and healthy baby chicks:) we’re so happy with our sweet Rainbow Mix!

Great service and communication,

The service was great. I bought the Babies online and was keep informed throughout the buying and shipping process.

American Bresse

Purchased two pair of Bresse juveniles from AzChickens. The process was easy and I am very satisfied. Youngsters are settled in, happy, and growing. Colwyn is always available to share his knowledge of the breed.

I will definitely be ordering again.

Beautiful eggs in the incubator!

Received 13 (one extra!) perfect maran eggs! Loved the variety of dark brown shades I received! Packaging was superb, all the eggs were in perfect shape and looked like air cells were in tip top condition! Communication before and after ordering from AZ Chickens was top of the line customer service! Will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

Olive Egger Chicks
Dean Gray (AZ)
Olive eggers and French Copper Marans

Chicks were healthy and active and after the first week are still running around like mad raptors. No issues with health and all is in good order.

White Bresse Chicks
Kathy Cole (OH)
Great farm family experience!

Happy chicks reached Ohio bouncy and healthy.
Great chicks, packed nicely. Will order again.

Az chicken review

Greetings from the start this was a great experience 😀. I got a great bird for starters. Then, these people were down to earth 🌎, real people, I'm going to buy all my other birds from here, thanks! again az chickens...

Rainbow Mix Chicks ~ Hen's Choice
Adorable and Healthy Chicks

The chicks are wonderful. They are healhty, and more importantly, still alive. I am a newbie chicken mama. I could ask for hartier chicks. Thanks.


all eggs arrived in gr8 shape. Excellent packaging. They rested for 24 hours and are now in the nurture right 360. I thought I was ordering "Purebred" birds and later read they were with a group of 5 different bred roosters. But the end result will be "Rainbow" eggs which is what this gay man was looking for. Many hugs from Eloy AZ and very happy. Will order more when these hatch!

Little peepers soon to be

I loved how my eggs came in a very unique set up. alot of cushion they looked so cute in their holes, and im gonna be so happy if i get a good hatch !

Black Bresse Chicks
Corneilia Estream (GA)

I received beautiful Black Bresse baby chicks. They are healthy, active and happy chicks. The more they grow the more beautiful they are to me. Corwyn truely cares about her customers. She took the time to answer my questions and give me advice in caring for my baby chicks. Will order again!

Olive Egger Chicks
Teresa (AZ)

Customer service was excellent! I picked up 4 perfectly happy and healthy baby chicks from the post office! So fun!!

Celadon Quail Hatching Eggs
Geoffrey DeWolf (CA)
Great service

Easy process, eggs were packaged beautifully !
Great pricing and I can’t wait until they hatch

Splash Bresse Chicks *
Michael Stewart (AZ)
Healthy & Happy!

Our chicks arrived very healthy and alive. Thank you!


Our chicks were perfect and soooo pretty! The owners were awesome to work with and love their animals. So pleased with our purchase! Definitely best supplier of Breese Chicks!