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Laying Hen or Pullet
Wenonah Thurman (AZ)
Chickens rule!

Kind of expensive but I understand. So far they have been good curious little chickens. Fit right in. Maybe more human interaction with them as they grow. They are kind of flighty. On a sad note we lost one on the third day. Fell in our duck baby pool. Great experience otherwise. Will be going back to get more chickens.

Great Chicks so Far

They are two weeks old now. Lost two the first night unfortunately. At two weeks old, the rest are doing great! I'm learning a lot and these ladies and gents are growing!

Excellent customer service, great product

Thank so much for your beautiful quail!
So happy to work with ya'll

Great birds thank you guys!

Laying Hen or Pullet
Frank Randolph (AZ)

so far so good

5 Stars

Awesome experience getting pullets. Great communication and pickup was smooth. Will absolutely use again!!

Laying Hen or Pullet
Erica Spurlock (AZ)
Golden Comet and Chocolate Egger

Love them! They're happy and healthy and doing great!

Laying Hen or Pullet
Robin Gregor
New To Chickens

Being a complete novice to the chicken world, I couldn't have been more impressed with the extreme patience and knowledge that was provided to me. Response to my, sometimes silly, questions was quick and understanding, resulting in four beautiful White Leghorn youngsters thriving in my back yard . I highly recommend AZ Chickens to both experienced and inexperienced chicken people, and in fact, already have!

Laying Hen or Pullet
Paula Standard (AZ)

Pick up was easy, however, one chicken was sick with bloody droppings. Also, they still had some bald spots where they needed their feathers to come in. I would not purchase again.

Black Copper Marans Chickens - Juveniles and Adults

Jumbo Browns, Coturnix Quail - Live Birds

Juvenile Rooster

They gave it to me sick.

Special People, Special Quail!

Thank you so much for providing excellent service and quality birds!

Very good

All are doing well thank you

Excited for this breed!

So far so good!
Thank you

Rainbow Mix Chicks (unsexed)
Destiney Alcantar (AZ)
4 Rainbow chicks

Everything was AMAZING. From the communication, pickup, and the chicks. Very friendly and informative (I am a first time chicken mom) lots of helpful information. We got 4 straight run rainbow babies. 2 are Roos and they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. The ladies are also soo beautiful. Lots of beautiful colored feathers coming in. They are about 12 weeks right now. So glad I found AZ CHICKENS! We will definitely be getting more soon! Highly recommend!

Silkie Chicks (unsexed)
Rich Lamarche (MA)

I did not recieve the chickens yet

Great to work with, good communication

I have the pleasure of working with Colwyn and Family!
Great service, quality birds, family owned, friendly folks. Could not ask for more!


Helpful and friendly and the chicks came quick, healthy, and happy! Very good experience overall!

Laying Hen or Pullet
David C. (CA)
One of the best decisions we’ve made.

We love the group here. Pick up was awesome with a very like minded person. If you think it’s done there you are wrong, they care! Hard to find good humans these days, but only if you aren’t looking here. Trust them with your flock, as a rookie, I had to. Now as a friend I am glad I did!

Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs
Yazmin Montenegro (AZ)
Black copper maran eggs

This is my second time ordering from Az chickens and definitely will continue to order in the future! They have great eggs that hatch the cutest little chicks and customer service is amazing :)

Black copper marans

Thank you Azchicken for providing me with healthy and beautiful marans. I am happy with my two girls I got. Definitely glad they love there new home with me. Thank you again.

Baby chicks

Made it save and healthy. To my Post Office, and they gave me a call.

Rainbow Mix Chicks (unsexed)
Sierra DeLaura (AZ)
Love my chicks!!

Everything about AZ chickens was phenomenal! Communication, the chicks themselves. I love them!

Wonderful and understanding people!

Would like to Thank AZ Chickens for their gracious and understanding personalities. It was an inspiring experience to purchase our own American Bresse Chicken from such great people. Our one and only hatchling Ebony was kicked out of the nest about 6days old was in great dyer need of some companions. Az Chickens stepped up to the plate and we were not disappointed at all. Will do business again in the near future! Love these people!