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Black Copper Marans Chickens - Juveniles and Adults

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About Black Copper Marans:

Rising in popularity among hobbyists and homesteaders alike, the Black Copper Marans or French Black Copper Marans is a staple for any flock. They are im-peck-ably hardy, tolerating both warmer and cooler climates with ease. Reaching an average weight of 6-8lbs, they can certainly sustain any homesteader looking for slower maturing poultry that can be harvested on a more forgiving schedule than common broilers. Despite originating as a dual-purpose breed, the Black Copper Marans quickly became renowned for having the best tasting egg in the world. Our flock consistently produces eggs that are graded between a 6-8 on the egg color chart designed by The Marans Club. Our bloodlines are descended from French imports, meaning they possess the desirable feathered feet.  
In most cases you are pre-ordering your selection and you will be emailed an estimated timeframe they are ready to come home. We typically suggest Local Pickup for Juveniles, Adults and Breeding Pairs. If you would like a specific shipping date or time to pickup, please contact us


Ages Available: 

Starter - 2-8 weeks old - St. Run Only

Juvenile - 8-12 weeks old - Sexed

Adult - 12 - 16 weeks old - Sexed

Breeding Quad - 4-6 weeks old - 3 hens / 1 rooster (+1 addtl rooster)

Black Copper Marans breeding pairs are available and will be 16-24 weeks only


Breeders choice based on Black Copper Marans Breeders Association, APA approved Standard of Perfection. 


We also offer chicks and hatching eggs for Black Copper Marans.


Interesting fact: According to the French Ministry of Agriculture, Marans eggshells have smaller pores than the shells of other breeds and thicker shells and inner membranes, making them far less likely to contain salmonella and allowing the Marans eggs to stay fresher longer.

Will you add dark chocolate egg layers to your flock?


Our commitment is to quality above all else, and this extends to every breed of poultry we raise. Our Black Copper Marans flocks are bred in accordance to the standard of perfection outlined by The Marans Club. As proud members of this association we strive to pass along the education given to us to those looking to dive deeper into the history of the breed. We are completely transparent with our breeding goals and encourage potential customers to inquire about the flaws that we are currently working towards eliminating.



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