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Black Copper Maran Hatching Eggs

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  • Member of the Marans Breeders Club 
  • Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs or French Black Copper Marans
  • All eggs are shipped in a foam shipper (see below or our Facebook, IG or TikTok)
  • Great fertility rates on farm (Just ask)


    The Black Copper Marans have you feeling like the 'Queen of the coop' - When you pull out that dark brown egg, and say 'That one is mine'! Truly remarkable breed in their character, egg color and hardiness to versatile conditions.  

    Quality counts: We're blessed to have 4 different Black Copper Maran Bloodlines so you have some of the most remarkable, known and reputable FBCM Breeding lines available. These lines are from French descendant lines so they have the fuzzy feet.


    • 150 eggs per year
    • Dark Brown eggs
    • Straight run, day old chicks
    • 6-8lbs grown


    We also offer chicks and juveniles, adults and breeding pairs of this breed.

    Marans are widely known for having the “best tasting egg in the world.” Marans eggs are dark brown in color or deep red chestnut in other parts of the world. Marans will lay approximately 150 eggs per year. Marans eggs are nothing similar to what you are used to eating from the store. Marans egg color can be compared to dark chocolate but that doesn't even describe the range of their color hues. Marans are excellent dual purpose birds, and can reach a weight of 6-8 pounds! With their large sized dark brown eggs, along with excellent tasting meat these birds are a great choice for a backyard flock or a homestead family.

    French Black Copper Marans have been around for decades and originated in France several years ago. They have proven themselves to be very hardy birds, heat and cold tolerant, and easy to care for.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Diamond Hernandez (AZ)
    Black copper maran eggs

    Hello everyone my name is Diamond and i am completely satisfied with my order. No words can really explain how happy and excited I am with this journey with the marans. Best decision I could have made. Packaging was so perfect no eggs where cracked. I definitely recommend Azchicken to everyone you won’t regret it. Thank you again.

    Jonathan (TX)

    Great experience with hatching eggs. Colwyn was friendly and upfront with the expectations for hatching eggs.

    Taylor (TX)
    Beautiful eggs in the incubator!

    Received 13 (one extra!) perfect maran eggs! Loved the variety of dark brown shades I received! Packaging was superb, all the eggs were in perfect shape and looked like air cells were in tip top condition! Communication before and after ordering from AZ Chickens was top of the line customer service! Will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

    Black Copper Maran Hatching Eggs

    I ordered a dozen, received an extra. Shipping package was great, eggs were shipped in a 12” deep soft polyurethane foam. All eggs are in the incubator and being monitored. The eggs I received were the color range I ordered.

    I’ve had excellent service from Az Chickens and have additional eggs on order for delivery in July.

    Vinny (AZ)
    Gorgeous chocolate eggs!

    I was beyond pleased with the color of the hatching eggs and currently in the incubator! Looking forward to them hatching and starting my own flock of BCM's.