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Black Copper Marans Chicks

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Breed Overview: 

Rising in popularity among hobbyists and homesteaders alike, the French Black Copper Marans is a staple for any flock. They are im-peck-ably hardy, tolerating both warmer and cooler climates with ease. Reaching an average weight of 6-8lbs, they can certainly sustain any homesteader looking for slower maturing poultry that can be harvested on a more forgiving schedule than common broilers. Despite originating as a dual-purpose breed, the Black Copper Marans quickly became renowned for having the best tasting egg in the world. The French Ministry of Agriculture attributes this bold claim to the smaller pores and thicker membrane the Marans eggshells possess, providing better protection against salmonella. This allows the eggs to stay fresh for longer periods of time. With this in mind, it's easy to see how this breed captured the heart of author Ian Fleming, and subsequently James Bond himself. Our flock consistently produces gorgeous dark chocolate eggs that are graded between a 6-8 on the egg color chart designed by The Marans Club. Our bloodlines are descended from French imports, meaning they possess the desirable feathered shanks.

 Annual Egg Count 150
Egg Color  Rich Dark Chocolate
Average Mature Adult Weight 6-8lbs
Origin France
Cost $24.90 per chick


We also offer hatching eggs and juveniles, adults and breeding pairs for this breed.


Our Commitment: We've sourced reputable French Black Copper Maran bloodlines to produce the foundation for the breeding stock that we offer. These lines are French descendent meaning that, unlike the English variety, our poultry will always possess the trademark feathered legs. As proud members of The Marans Club we breed in accordance with the Standard of Perfection. 


Customer Reviews

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Emily Loflin (CA)
Cutest BCM chicks 🐣🐣🐣🐣

Chicks arrived safely and soundly🐣 all
Adorable and healthy ♥️

Rachel Smith (AZ)

I love my Black Copper Marans chickens. It is so fun to watch them grow and see each of their little personalities! Thank you AZ Chickens!!!!

Aleshia Michels (AZ)
Cutest little things

Awesome Customer Service, a few didn't make the transport but AZ replaced them and I bought 4 more. All are growing fast and are healthy...eating a lot too :)

Andrew Snyder (KS)

Absolutely great to work with. Communication is top notch. AZ Chickens gets it and really cares.
Thank You guys!

michael Stover (AZ)

The chicks are amazing