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Jumbo Browns, Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs

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Jumbo Browns or some would call 'coturnix' quail are the definition of a dual purpose bird, laying approximately 300 eggs per year and can be butchered in 8-10 weeks of age at full maturity. When these birds reach full maturity they can weigh up to 14 ounces. Jumbos are a very solid and reliable food source for homesteaders and urban farmers. With how quickly they reach maturity at six weeks of age, laying eggs around 7-8 weeks old and reproduce insanely fast, they're small but might tool in your arsenal to becoming more self sufficient.


Quick facts:

  • Lay 300+ eggs per year
  • Dual purpose bird
  • Cold & heat hardy
  • Superfood egg
  • Quail do not carry salmonella, so eggs can be eaten raw
  • Mature at six weeks and begin to lay around 7-8 weeks old
  • Very quiet, perfect for anyone living in an HOA


We also offer chicks, juveniles and adults of this breed. 


Customer Reviews

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Katie Jo (TX)
Arrived Beautifully!

Couldn't ask for a better delivery experience on hatching eggs. They're due to hatch in a couple days, and I'm excited for that outcome.

Gabriella McMahon (AZ)

Our experience with AZ Chickens has been wonderful. They were very prompt to answer and we were even able to get our eggs picked up on the same day that I reached out to them. Over half of our quail have hatched so far and today was the first day of hatching. We would most definitely use them again.