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Featuring Rollout Nest Boxes to Keep Eggs Clean

Nest Box Pads (NXT V5.2)

Nest Box Pads (NXT V5.2)

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Introducing AstroTurf® NXT v5.2. Designed with the health, productivity, and profitability of your flock in mind. Inspired by grass blades, AstroTurf Poultry nest pads keep eggs clean and safe! 

All HenGear nest boxes include one nest pad. To make cleaning a breeze, purchase a spare pad - allowing for simple swap-outs.

Nest pads can easily be cut with scissors to fit other nest designs. 


  • 19.7" x 71.75" - X-Large (72")

  • 19.7" x 53.75" - Large (54")

  • 19.7" x 33.75" - Medium (34")

  • 19.7" x 23.75" - Small (24")

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