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Ayam Ketawa Chicks - "The Laughing Chicken"

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Ayam Ketawa, or the laughing chicken, once could only be owned by royal family in Indonesia. The Laughing chickens vibrant crowing is always heard around the farm. It is hard to decide if you buy Ayam Ketawas, for your entertainment or someone's detriment. This is an exotic and remarkably cherished feathered friend that will get you laughing even on tough days. 


  • 90 eggs per year
  • Medium White Eggs
  • Straight run, day old chicks
  • 3-5lbs grown

We also offer hatching eggs and juveniles, adults or breeding pairs of this breed.


Our Committment: 

We're blessed to have both lines of the original imports of Ayam Ketawas. We purchased our Ketawas from the original importer when they first were available. We estimate to be either the same generation of birds or 1 generation behind them. Our chicks will come from our 2nd-4th generations. A unique part is we have both the silver and gold coloring in our flock. The silver was from the original flock and we have 3 patterns showing in our birds. Please understand no guarantees on coloring, patterns or crowing pattern. 

 Please note: Max of 3 Ketawas per available date and no guarantees on the coloring you'll receive. They lay VERY seasonally, peaks being Spring & Fall for the majority of their eggs.