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Ayam Ketawa Chicken, "The Laughing Chicken" - Juveniles and Adults

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We offer Ayam Ketawa adults, that we have raised past those tough chick stages. Ready for enjoyment of those laughing chicken moments and seeing out their days with you. In your caring and capable hands they will thrive as young adults and provide you laughs for many days! We hope you will welcome a "Jester of the Flock" to your home, an Ayam Ketawa, The Laughing Chicken. 


For specific shipping dates we will reach out to you to provide an estimated shipping date for your order. Please contact us if you need a specific timeframe. You will receive an email about a week prior to let you know they are shipping/ready for pickup. You are pre-ordering your selection and you will be emailed an estimated timeframe they are ready to come home. We strongly encourage Local Pickup for Juveniles, Adults and Breeding Pairs. 


Ayam Ketawa Juveniles will be 6-12 weeks old.

Ayam Ketawa Adults will be 12+ weeks old. 

Ayam Ketawa Hen, Roo or Breeding pairs generally 20+ weeks old (point of lay and/or actively crowing).

Contact us with any questions regarding them!

We also offer chicks and hatching eggs for Ayam Ketawas.


Breed Info: 

Ayam Ketawa, or laughing chickens, once could only be owned by royal family in Indonesia. The Laughing chicken's vibrant crowing is heard in all corners of the farm. It is hard to decide if you buy Ayam Ketawas, for your entertainment or someone's detriment. This is an exotic and remarkably cherished among poultry enthusiasts, and we are graced to share them with you. They will make you laugh even on tough days. 


    Please note: No guarantees on the coloring you'll receive. Questions about our policies & FAQs about Ayam Ketawas see our agreement

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    Randy Diehl (NY)
    Ayam ketawa

    AAA+ , Great people to work with. The rooster I got has a very good laugh, thanks