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Ayam Ketawa Hatching Eggs, The Laughing Chicken

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Ayam Ketawa, or laughing chickens, once could only be owned by royal family in Indonesia. The Laughing chickens vibrant crowing is always heard around the farm. It is hard to decide if you buy Ayam Ketawas, for your entertainment or someone's detriment. This is an exotic and remarkably cherished feathered friend that will get you laughing even on tough days. 


  • 6 Ayam Ketawa Hatching Eggs
  • All eggs are shipped in foam shippers
  • Great fertility rates on farm (Feel Free to ask anytime)


We also offer chicks and juveniles, adults and breeding pairs of this breed.


Quality counts: We're blessed to have 3 generations of Ayam Ketawas, to share with you. Juveniles and adults may be available... please ask.


  • 90 eggs per year
  • Medium White Eggs
  • Straight run, day old chicks
  • 3-4lbs grown


Watch the video to hear that maniacal laughing.


Crow Styles

The Ayam Ketawa has 3 crow/laughing styles,

  1. Gretek (Fast / tight laugh)
  2. Dangdut (Heavy laugh)
  3. Slow (Rare interval during the laugh)

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