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Rainbow Mix Hatching Eggs ~ Hen's Choice

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What says more fun than some Rainbow Mix Eggs! Speckles on the chicken, speckles on the eggs, a blue egg layer from a breed not known for that.... it's fun to mix it up! 

This is our favorite choice. We love variety, and this is a fun way to get some new colorful layers in your backyard flock.

We are currently 10 dozen eggs ahead of your order placed after today (1/16/2023). We ship up 2-3 dozen eggs of this assortment per week during Spring-Fall. Your eggs will not ship immediately. When your order is completed, your place in line is reserved immediately.

We're blessed to have over 20 different breeds in our Colorful Rainbow mix and we rotate our roosters regularly so you have fun mixes to enjoy!

  • Colorful Hatching Eggs
  • All eggs are shipped in foam shippers
  • Great fertility rates on farm


Rainbow Mixes include:

  • Flower Hens
  • Aloha
  • Barred Rock
  • Black Austrolorp
  • Black Copper Marans (dark chocolate)
  • Black Sex-Link
  • Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
  • Easter Egger (green/blue egg layer)
  • Green Queen (green/blue/brown egg layer)
  • ISA Brown
  • Isabella Brahma
  • Jubilee Orpington
  • Leghorn (white)
  • Olive Egger (green egg layer)
  • Partridge Rock
  • Rhode Island Red 
  • Salmon Favorelle
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Welsummer (dark brown egg layer)

We also offer chicks for this breed.

All the above breeds are with a Easter Egg Rooster, Creme Crested Legbar, Buff Orpington, Isabella Brahma, & Green Queen Rooster. 

The eggs you receive will be farmers choice. Requests for specific breeds will be taken into consideration but are not guaranteed. When possible, we will send you chicks from different breeds so you have a fun color pallet of chickens and eggs they lay. All breeds on the farm could be included.

All hatching eggs orders are shipped in custom foam shippers. We have egg-cellent fertility rates on the farm (ask our current farm fertility rates anytime). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
nicolas owens (AZ)
Thunderbird Adventist Academy

We received the chickens from both the Texas and Arizona farm and they arrived on the same day! In talking to the company the responses were very prompt and detailed. I appreciated the care and consideration of the crew that I worked with to get us started in our agricultural program.

Laci Garcia (AZ)
Beautiful Eggs

Received beautiful eggs to hatch with my son, got them in the incubator and very pleased so far with the development we have. Can't wait for them to hatch.