Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)
Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks (unsexed)

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Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens are an old-time favorite brown egg layer as well as a popular dual-purpose breed. The Plymouth Rock breed is very friendly and does well in cold weather. Plymouth Rock Chickens are a high producer of brown eggs, have a meaty body, a docile personality, and good hardiness in all climates, making them much desired in all flocks.

These lovely birds have black and white barred feathers, with the roosters slightly lighter in color than the hens. By the 1940s, the Barred Plymouth Rock was hands-down the single most popular breed with small American farms. The breed is hardy, docile, feathers out quickly and heavily lays an average of 200 brown eggs a year, and can provide meat for a family.

Nowadays, you will often find two different types of Barred Plymouth Rocks. More commonly found is the “production” type of bird, which is focused on higher egg production. It is typically lighter in weight and stature than the heritage Barred Rock. The production-bred Barred Rock hens average about 6 pounds and roosters 7 pounds.

The Heritage Barred Rock more closely resembles the Barred Rock of yesteryear and is an excellent choice for exhibition or table birds. The heritage Barred Rock roosters weigh in at around 9-10 pounds and hens at 7-8 pounds. They tend to take 6 to 8 months to fully mature, so keep that in mind if your goal is for exhibition.

Looking for a versatile, friendly breed that's perfect for small farms? Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens fit the bill. With their high egg production, docile personality, and good hardiness, they make a great addition to any flock. It's an all-around win!


We strive to provide a thriving and well cared for chickens to you. We provide Non-GMO feed, yogurt, raw milk, and tested regularly for healthy birds. We go the extra miles for your peace of mind!

FAQs - Baby Chicks

All of our breeds are sold straight run, and customers have a 50/50 chance of receiving males or females. If you are looking for a certain number of female chicks, we'd suggest adding a few extras to your order. We do offer older ages including: juveniles, adults, laying hens, pullets or roosters if you have a specific need. The list of those breeds is found here ... We are happy to arrange a custom order as well. Please contact us.

No, we do not vaccinate our flock or baby chicks. We constantly monitor this with our poultry vet to ensure our birds are healthy and robust. We are tested yearly for disease as NPIP participants and customers can be confident that they are receiving healthy, happy chicks from our farms.

Did you know?... They don't crow till about 12 weeks at the absolute earliest, most later than that.

Couple options for roosters...

1. Use him for food for the family, maybe you have a hunter in the family that could help. Often there are families that will buy or take the rooster for meat for their family.

2. Once hes older than four months old, Pratt's Pets (Glendale location) will purchase them from you for $10 per. If they're younger than four months, the Stock Shop will accept them if they have space.

3. You could also post them in the Arizona Backyard Chicken group on Facebook to rehome him. Just have to be VERY careful with your wording. Rehome, sale and wording like that is not allowed by FB.

4. Another app called MeWe you can rehome/sell there in the Arizona Backyard Chicken group but not nearly as many people in the group.

To join the group on MeWe:

Definitely options out there. Hope this gives you some ideas. 👍😁🍻

Our available chicks and eggs are always updated on our website. You can find the next available chicks here or contact us to see what we have to take home today. We often have a few.

The locations of our farms we are generally able to provide chicks and hatching eggs year around. Our hens do get 2-3 months off per year for a break to molt, rotate and just be a chicken. This is the time of year we will see lower egg counts and our availability less.

Our recommendation and best practices: From October to March we suggest a shipping minimum of 10 chicks to ensure that chicks stay warm enough during transit. During the peak months, April -September, the recommended minimum to 6 chicks.

We gladly offer local pick up for your order. We have strict biosecurity measures for both our flocks safety. Once your order has been placed and notified your order is ready to come home, we pre-arrange a pick up time and date with you to come to our pick up drive-thru. Very simple, we have your order boxed and ready to travel home for you. You will not need to bring any boxes, cartons or crates. Local pick up orders are considered sale is final.

Why do chickens go to the beach?

To collect their EGG-shells