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Black Copper Marans Chicks

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  • 150 eggs per year
  • Dark Brown eggs
  • Straight run, day old chicks
  • 6-8 lbs grown

    The Black Copper Marans have you feeling like the 'Queen of the coop' - When you pull out that dark brown egg. Truly remarkable breed in their character, egg color and hardiness to versatile conditions.  

    Quality counts: We're blessed to have some of the most remarkable, well-known and reputable FBCM Breeding lines available. These lines are from French descendant lines, which means they have the fuzzy legs!

    As a Proud Member of: Marans Breeders Club - Our breeding goal is to grow a flock that meets Breeder's Club color scale 7-9 for dark shades. Not all chicks will have this dark coloring of eggs but these are what we have and strive to give to you so you can enjoy the deep dark brown eggs. 

    Marans are widely known for having the “best tasting egg in the world.” Marans eggs are dark brown in color or deep red chestnut in other parts of the world. Marans will lay approximately 150 eggs per year. Marans eggs are nothing similar to what you are used to eating from the store. Marans egg color can be compared to dark chocolate but that doesn't even describe the range of their color hues. Marans are excellent dual purpose birds, and can reach a weight of 6-8 pounds! With their large sized dark brown eggs, along with excellent tasting meat these birds are a great choice for a backyard flock or a homestead family. Black Copper Marans have been around for decades and originated in France. They have proven themselves to be very hardy birds, heat and cold tolerant, and easy to care for.

     Will you add dark chocolate eggs to your egg basket?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Zach Price
    Beautiful chicks

    My 3 BCM’s are coming up on 2 months old now. They are beautiful chickens. Happy, healthy, and their colors are very rich. My Marans are my favorite!!

    Nate maldonado
    Beautiful baby chicks

    These chicks are beautiful, some of them have copper tipped wings but they all have some really pretty coloring. Loved being able to pick up locally, can't wait to add more to my flock soon!

    David Wallace
    Great experience

    Everything was as expected and the price was reasonable.