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Creme Crested Legbar Chicks

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Creme Crested Legbars or referred to Cream Legbars as well are medium – sized birds that are excellent foragers. The roosters have a very docile temperament but are extremely protective of their flock. Legbar hens do not go broody very often and produce a large number of blue tinted eggs. On average legbar hens will lay 260 eggs per year per hen. If you are looking to add some color to your egg basket then look no further! Legbars have been an excellent addition to our farm. With their beautiful colored eggs legbars are an excellent addition to any back yard flock. We are currently carrying the Jill Reese bloodlines  which means they can have an extra puffy crest on their head!
What's Blue and round all over??? Well a Creme Crested Legbar egg of course! Picking up the sky blue egg from your nesting box, has you flying to the same blue sky above you. But imagine adding it to your fantastic rainbow egg collection. The Creme Crested Legbar line of Jill Rees, adds those fancy blue colors to your egg basket! Check that one off the list! 


Sold OUT for 2023 - We do not plan to have any chicks/adults for sale this year as we improve this flock.


  • 260 eggs per year
  • Sky Blue eggs
  • Female or Male day old chicks
  • 5 lbs grown


    Waitlist: At times we may not have chicks immediately available, when that happens you will see the option to reserve your chicks on a waitlist with a nominal non-refundable deposit. We will reach out to you a couple weeks before we anticipate your order to confirm the timing and pay for the rest of the order (less the deposit).