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Black Bresse Chickens - Juveniles & Adults

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Our Commitment: Black Bresse or American Black Bresse are breed from multiple pens. We aim to produce the similar sizes and meet similar standards to that of the White Bresse. Our goal is for 7 pound roosters and 5.5 pound hens which balances their size and keeps a full basket of eggs as well. We strive to retain the black feathers (no leakage), red full combs and blue steel legs they are known for. We are one of very few farms lucky to be a home for Black Bresse. We aim to produce consistent size with every chick that is produced so you have the best tasting chicken and be the best chicken for my homestead.


All these ages will ship the 2nd or 3rd week (Monday or Tuesday pending weather) of the selected month. You will receive an email about a week prior to let you know they are shipping/ready for pickup.

Ages Available: 

Starter - 2-8 weeks old - St. Run Only

Juvenile - 8-12 weeks old - Sexed

Adult - 12 - 16 weeks old - Sexed

American Bresse Breeders and breeding pairs will be 20+ weeks old.


They are chosen, farmers choice,  based on the proposed American Bresse Standard of Perfection.

We also offer chicks and hatching eggs of this breed.


  • 250 eggs per year
  • Creme colored eggs
  • 5.5-7 lbs adult at full size


Black Bresse Chickens are considered the worlds most delicious chicken. Bresse or American Bresse will lay 250 creme colored eggs per year. Bresse are heat and cold tolerant which makes them a contender for the best homestead chicken. Bresse chickens have black feathers, red combs and blue steel legs. Roosters are typically 7 pounds and hens weigh in at 5.5 pounds. There truly is no difference in this American Bresse other than color. Our current sizes we are seeing about half pound short of our goal. 


This chick may come leg banded for easy identification. Remove leg band within 7 days.

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Vinny (AZ)
Always quality birds

Birds arrived quickly, healthy and active. Will continue to grow my flock from AZ Chickens.