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American Bresse Chicken Hatching Eggs - Assorted Colors

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We are offering limited quantities of American Bresse hatching eggs. This assortment is ideal for those looking to dive into raising this breed but aren't too particular on the color variety or looking to immediately breed. These eggs will come from any color of our American Bresse flocks or colors. There are no guarantees provided regarding the color variety or quantity of the color you will receive. 

Prefer chicks? - We also offer bresse chicks - assorted colors as well

Bresse Chickens are considered the worlds most delicious chickens. They are strikingly colorful and vibrant blue, black, white or splash coloring. American Bresse or American Bresse will lay 250 creme colored eggs per year. Bresse are heat and cold tolerant which makes them a contender for the best homestead chicken. American Bresse chickens have multi-colored feathers, red combs and blue steel legs which represent the colors of their French origins. Roosters are typically 7 pounds and hens weigh in at 5.5 pounds. 


 Annual Egg Count  250
Egg Color Creme Tinted
Average Mature Adult Weight 5.5-7lbs
Origin France


Our Commitment: We've sourced poultry from all of the bloodlines currently available in the United States to ensure that we are producing the best possible quality in accordance to the Standard of Perfection outlined by the American Bresse Breed Club. 


All hatching eggs orders are shipped in custom foam shippers. We have egg-cellent fertility rates on the farm (ask our current farm fertility rates anytime because we track them for every week). 

Customer Reviews

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Gabrielle (OK)

None of my eggs hatched. A few looks like it could hatch but none did. I'm feeling disappointed, will not buy from this site again. I guess I will have to look elsewhere.

Christina Nichols (OH)

The eggs were well packed and got 13 in shipment. It took 3 days to ship to where I was and I expected lower hatch rate because of this. Eggs sat like they were supposed to and none were saddled before going in incubator. At 14 days only one had developed a chick. None of the other eggs made it to the veining stage. I have one healthy chick, but 9% hatch rate is very bad. Buy chicks not eggs.