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White Bresse Chicks

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White Bresse Chickens are considered the best tasting chicken, the 'Queen of Chickens, fit for a King's table'. Bresse chickens have white feathers, red combs and blue steel legs which represent the colors of their French origins. Bresse chickens are heat and cold tolerant, which make them ideal for any place you call home. Bresse roosters are typically 7 pounds and bresse hens weigh in at 5.5 pounds. American Bresse or Bresse hens will lay 250 creme colored eggs per year.

Bresse chickens are not a fast-growing breed, but they are well worth the wait. Males reaching a mature weight of 6-7 pounds in about 16 weeks, and hens will average 4.5 - 5.5 pounds.


  • 250 eggs per year
  • Creme colored eggs
  • Straight run, day old chicks
  • 5-7lbs grown

    Best chicken for a self-sufficient homestead (And delicious) ... Try it for yourself! Bresse are in high demand because, like beef, they can have marbled meat. This chicken really tastes like no other — imagine the juiciest grilled chicken breast ever. 

    We also offer hatching eggs and juveniles, adults and breeding pairs for this breed.

    Our Commitment

    We raise multiple pens and for different purposes. We selectively choose our breeders toward the proposed APA breeding standard for consistent chicks resulting in resulting in consistent size of adult and harvested meat. We also have pens dedicated toward the larger birds for those that prefer 'bigger is better' and you will have more meat to share. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Danielle Adams (WA)
    Our chicks arrived!

    All of our Bresse chicks arrived alive and healthy. Packaging and labeling of the package was perfect to help keep the chicks safe and warm. Shipping was as expected. Very happy with our purchase and will enjoy our chicks!! Would 100% recommend to others.

    Ronald Roberts (AZ)
    We have gotten the other color Bresse in the past and loved them.

    They are great looking birds that we look for to using in our meat breeding program!