Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults

Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults
Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults

Celadon Quail Juveniles and Adults

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The Celadon quail are a very unique variety of the Coturnix quail because they lay a blue egg, including some with speckles. The blue quail egg is caused by a recessive gene called the celadon gene. Fortunately our Celadon quail lay blue eggs, 100% of the time. There are some Celadon quail that do not have the gene and will not lay 100% blue eggs. The Celadon gene is considered an important trait for the Celadon enthusiasts and breeders. Celadon quail can have a variety of feather patterns. 

  • Lay 300+ eggs per year
  • Cold & heat hardy
  • Superfood egg
  • Mature at six weeks and begin to lay around 6-8 weeks old
  • Perfect for any home in a HOA, they sound like a song bird

We also offer Celadon quail hatching eggs. and baby chicks


Live Bird Options:

Celadon Quail Juvenile Flock (5 or 10 count, st run) (approx 2-3 weeks old, partially feathered)

Celadon Quail Adults - (1 ea, unsexed/st run) (approx 5-6 weeks old, fully feathered)

Celadon Quail Breeders (6 Adults, unsexed/st run) (approx 5-6 weeks old, fully feathered)

***New flock owners, new to quail we would recommend the juvenile or adults. Chicks are very fragile and sensitive. Having raised quail will make the experience more pleasant and you get eggs sooner too! Juveniles may still need a heat source depending the time of year, how they are kept and what housing they are in. If you have questions what age is best for your needs please ask us or choose adults as they will be fully feathered!

We strive to provide a thriving and well cared for chickens to you. We provide Non-GMO feed, yogurt, raw milk, and tested regularly for healthy birds. We go the extra miles for your peace of mind!

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FAQs - Quail

Our available chicks and eggs are always updated on our website. You can find the next available chicks hereor contact us to see what we have to take home today. We often have a few.

We gladly offer local pick up for your order. We have strict biosecurity measures for both our flocks safety. Once your order has been placed and notified your order is ready to come home, we pre-arrange a pick up time and date with you to come to our pick up drive-thru. Very simple, we have your order boxed and ready to travel home for you. You will not need to bring any boxes, cartons or crates. Local pick up orders are considered sale is final. 

Live birds are only shipped via USPS Express Priority Mail or Priority mail which is the fastest available shipping option from USPS. Because adult birds can overheat in transit, they are only shipped in the cooler months. We raise birds to 6 weeks old to have adequate fat reserves for traveling. We also evaluate each bird individually for physical issues and overall vitality to make sure they are good candidates for the shipping process and likely to thrive in their new homes.  We cannot include food or water in the shipping box, so the birds are allowed free access to food and water until the day they are shipped. We never package birds ahead of their ship date. Shipping is stressful for the birds and it is normal to have to provide special care within the first 72 hours to help the birds recover from the shipping process. We want your birds to have the best start possible in their new homes. Because nearly every bird survives the journey, we proudly offer a 72 hour live guarantee for all shipped quail. 

Shipped live quail usually arrive happy and healthy, although they will be very thirsty and hungry! Although we do everything we can to help them make the journey, the shipping process can be stressful for the birds and there are many variables out of our control that can affect the shipping process. We recommend that you follow our detailed instructions carefully, and contact us if you have additional questions. We offer a 72-hour live bird guarantee. Any birds that do not survive for 72 hours after USPS scans the birds as “Delivered” or “Available for pickup” will be refunded or reshipped depending on availability. Your business is important to us, and we want you to purchase our quail with confidence that you will get what you pay for.

It depends on your state and the type of bird. Most states do not require a permit for any domesticated bird, but some states require a propagation permit to raise quail. We recommend that you check your local laws before purchasing any type of livestock or poultry.

Quail need a high-protein game bird feed. Quail should be fed a game bird/turkey starter feed with 30% protein and no more than 1.5% calcium until they are 7-8 weeks old. At 7-8 weeks, the quail should be transitioned to a game bird or turkey layer/breeder/all-purpose feed with 20-22% protein and 2-3 % calcium. Your birds will be ~6 weeks old for Adults and ~3 weeks old for Juveniles and can be fed starter feed for up to two weeks after shipment to help them recover from stress due to transit and relocation.

Domestic quail are not great flyers, but they are very good at what we call “assisted jumping”. Coturnix can jump and fly a few yards, and a small percentage can maintain flight for short bursts. Most, however, prefer to stay on the ground.

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